Tukatech Appoints Chris Walia As New COO

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — June 6, 2018 —  Fashion technology provider Tukatech has announced the appointment of Chris Walia to his current position as COO. Walia joined the company in 2017 as head of Global Operations.

“Chris’s leadership and organizational skills fit our company perfectly, right from the beginning,” said Ram Sareen, Founder of Tukatech. “He has built a team who our customers — brands, vendors, and designers, love to interact with.”

Walia will continue to oversee implementation of Tukatech’s suite of software solutions such as TUKAcad, TUKA3D, and SMARTmark for product development and manufacturing products such as plotters, automatic cutters, laser cutters, and fabric spreaders. Additionally, he will work closely with Sareen on the company’s overall strategy and operations of TUKAgroup, which consists of Tukatech, TUKAweb, and TUKAcenters.

Prior to Tukatech, Walia held senior level positions for prominent apparel and IT solution companies. Walia’s 15 years in various aspects of the garment industry make him a strong leader for bringing technology to Tukatech’s customers.

“One of the key reasons why I chose Tukatech was Ram Sareen. He’s an iconic figure and an innovator in our industry. He’s built a brand that is revolutionizing the next generation of fashionistas and I really wanted to be a part of his journey.”

Walia sees Sareen’s 48 years’ experience in the fashion industry as the strength of the Tukatech brand. “The brainpower that comes with it, the knowledge, the dominant brands and companies, manufacturers and vendors we work with — all of that is the foundation of our success,” says Walia.

Fashion companies are notoriously resistant to change, but Walia sees this as a challenge. “Technology is so amazing, yet so underutilized in the apparel industry,” says Walia. He explains why change is inevitable: “The end-consumers really run the show. Now businesses are challenged to meet the demand of shorter product lifecycle timelines from design to delivery.”

“Tukatech is poised to help companies make the necessary transition to tech,” says Walia. “We stay on the cutting edge with products such as TUKA3D, our Cloud Collaboration tool, and even more innovations on the horizon.”

Walia’s positive energy brings a fresh, youthful outlook. “One of our goals is to promote microfactories within the United States.” The trend in manufacturing is about going from product development to finished product in a fraction of the time it used to take, an undertaking that requires the help of seasoned veterans.

“Walia will be instrumental in growing our company as he coaches our customers to meet the demands of this brave new world of fashion,” says Sareen.

Posted June 8, 2018