Denim North America Announces Launch Of EcoSure BioBlast Biodegradable Performance Denim

COLUMBUS, Ga. — June 19, 2017 — Denim North America (DNA), a division of DNA Textile Group, is proud to launch the next generation in its Sustainable R3 Denim collection called EcoSure® BioBlast™ Denim. This innovation is the first of its kind and revolutionary in the denim industry.

“As wearable function and sustainability are both becoming mainstays in jeanswear, our mission was to combine these elements by bringing natural and performance fibers together into a sustainable fabric,” says DNA’s Creative Director, Lisa Harris. “We collaborated with the Poole Co., creator of the EcoSure BioBlast fiber, located in Greenville, S.C.”

In 2015, Poole Co., a sustainable polyester producer, took its post-consumer recycled fibers, via its EcoSure brand, a step further with the development of EcoSure BioBlast, a biodegradable fiber made from 100-percent post consumer recycled water bottles. EcoSure BioBlast fiber has been shown to biodegrade in landfill conditions 12 times faster over a year compared to traditional polyester.

The growing popularity of performance textiles within the market directly contrasts with the sustainable movement. With more than 81-percent of textiles — a staggering 21 billion pounds — making their way into landfills each year, this rise in the use of synthetic fibers means that this textile waste will take much longer to decompose, with some estimates from 20 to 200 years.

EcoSure BioBlast Denim is good for the consumer and the environment, solving this issue by utilizing a sustainable performance fiber not only made from recycled material, but also with enhanced biodegradation properties to prevent decades of landfill buildup. The unique engineered polymer creates fibers that are soft, durable, strong, and provide the performance characteristics that consumers have come to expect from their clothing.
DNA will be previewing EcoSure BioBlast Denim at BPD Expo in NYC June 21-22.

EcoSure is a registered trademark of Poole Co.

Posted June 19, 2017

Source: Denim North America (DNA)