SCAD Secures Record Number Of National Fashion Scholarship Awards

SAVANNAH, Ga. — March 7, 2017 — The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced that 20 students from the School of Fashion earned scholarships from the Young Menswear Association (YMA) Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF). These $5,000 scholarships are given in recognition of exemplary student work that seeks to advance the fashion industry in both business and design.

“YMA scholarships honor the brightest sartorial stars-on-the-rise, and SCAD students create a veritable constellation of brilliance,” said SCAD President Paula Wallace. “Each year, SCAD fashion programs distinguish themselves, and these SCAD scholars are charting a course for astronomical success.”

SCAD students received a record-setting 20 YMA scholarships this year, representing the highest number of scholarships for any university in a single year in the program’s 80-year history. SCAD scholarship recipients include students from the fashion and fashion marketing and management programs, offered in Savannah, Atlanta and Hong Kong.

To be considered for the annual award, applicants must complete a case study on a topic designated by YMA. In addition to the submission, scholarships are awarded based on merit, GPAs, personal essays and interviews with YMA FSF ambassadors.

SCAD Young Menswear Association Fashion Scholarship Fund recipients:

  • Chloe Ayoub (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Talia Blyer (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Esther Boller (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Andrea Cabrera (B.F.A., fashion, junior) Atlanta;
  • Natrika Charoenkitnapa (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Natsima Charoenkitnapa (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Ce’Erica Roland Ferguson (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, senior) Atlanta;
  • Nancy Gubbala (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Alexis Houpt (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Atlanta;
  • Laura London (B.F.A., fashion, junior) Atlanta;
  • Kianna McCalla (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, senior) Atlanta;
  • Rikki Raiford (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Atlanta;
  • Mikenna Rase (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, senior) Savannah;
  • Akilah Robertson (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Atlanta;
  • Grace Rokela (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, senior) Savannah;
  • Sheila Ruiz (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Atlanta;
  • Kristie Sales (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah
  • Emilie Schroeder (B.F.A., fashion, senior) Savannah;
  • Sarah Therrien (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, junior) Savannah; and
  • Kayla Williams (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, senior) Atlanta,

Founded in 1937, the YMA is an international nonprofit organization composed of influential members in the fashion industry. Each year, the program recognizes talented and enterprising individuals poised to advance the fashion industry, pursuing careers in design, merchandising, retailing and business. Over the past decade, over $20 million has been collected by the fund, including a $1 million gift from the Estate of Geoffrey Beene and more than $5 million from the Geoffrey Beene Foundation.

Posted March 7, 2017

Source: The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)