Mission Athletecare Announces Exclusive Global Partnership With 37.5®, Introduces New Mission Vaporactive™ Line

NEW YORK CITY — May 5, 2016 — MISSION Athletecare announced that 37.5 technology from Cocona Inc. was selected after an exhaustive innovation search to power the new, exclusive Mission VaporActive collection.

Building upon the success of the Mission EnduraCool line, which provides an instant cooling effect with a smart wet-to-cool technology platform, the new Mission VaporActive line to be unveiled this May will employ an even smarter dry-to-cool technology platform, powered by 37.5, for the products that athletes specifically say they want dry and cool like underwear, socks and baselayers.

Patented 37.5 technology is permanently embedded at the fiber level, and dramatically increases the surface area of traditional fibers by more than 300 percent, creating a hyper drying environment that helps efficiently manage temperature and humidity by capturing and releasing moisture vapor. This enables the athlete to spend less metabolic energy on cooling their body, and more energy on peak performance. By helping athletes enhance peak performance, 37.5 technology makes the Mission VaporActive line an immediate leader in the dry cool category, and continues to demonstrate Mission’s commitment to delivering best-in-class technologies for thermoregulation.

“Mission is leading the conversation and pioneering the delivery of innovative ways to enhance performance and recovery through Thermoregulation technologies, and we are excited to partner with 37.5 to continue delivering on that quest,” said Josh Shaw, founder and CEO, Mission. “The two biggest complaints we’ve heard from athletes using other competitive products are that wicking merely moves moisture around, and topically applied technologies just washes out, ultimately quitting on the athlete. The new MISSION VaporActive line powered by 37.5 hits both of these problems head on — physically removing moisture from the textile, making it drier, cooler and lighter, and the technology is embedded at the fiber level, so it is designed to never wash out or quit on the athlete.  As an athlete-owned company, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of delivering the best technology available for Thermoregulation.

“We are very excited to be partnering with a company that shares our passion for sports and technology,” said Jeff Bowman, CEO of 37.5. “Mission pushes the envelope with game-changing innovations and their commitment to athletes and their performance is unparalleled. We look forward to integrating our exclusive technology into their new Mission VaporActive collection, and more in the future.”

Mission prides itself on developing, designing and delivering game-changing innovations that enhance performance and speed up recovery through temperature-control technologies. Mission’s VaporActive launch will be led by Dwyane Wade, Reggie Bush, David Villa and more.

Mission’s VaporActive collection will be available this spring at leading retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and online.

Posted May 6, 2016

Source: Mission Athletecare