Coolcore Acquires Tempnology Assets

Coolcore LLC, Portsmouth, N.H., has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Tempnology Group, a developer and producer of temperature regulation fabrics that filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Coolcore employed all the Tempnology staff, and plans to hire additional personnel in 2016.

The purchase brings Coolcore partnerships with several global consumer brands including Brooks, Cabelas, Disney, Imperial Headwear and LL Bean. Coolcore will continue to distribute finished goods under the Coolcore® and Dr. Cool brand names.

“Today is an exciting day and new beginning for our industry-leading material innovation company,” said Mark Stebbins, Coolcore’s lead investor. “We’re thrilled to provide financial commitment that will propel Coolcore into its next phase of growth.”

“Mr. Stebbins and his investment group have provided crucial support for our growing company as we have established ourselves as a leader in the marketplace,” said Kevin McCarthy, president and CEO, Coolcore. “The future at Coolcore is very bright with our recent awards and patents and continuous development in the fast-growing thermoregulation apparel category.”

January/February 2016