Gerber Technology Introduces YuniquePLM V6.1 User View Export, 3D File Upgrades, And UI Enhancements

NEW YORK CITY — May 28, 2015 — Apparel manufacturers who are utilizing product lifecycle management (PLM) software already gain the benefits of better visibility into their company’s line planning and development calendar processes, to enhance their ability to manage these often complex projects and achieve increased line profitability through the better cost management that is enabled by these systems.

In response to user feedback, Gerber Technology Inc. has upgraded its product lifecycle management (PLM) software, YuniquePLM for the fashion and apparel industry with two key enhancements: the ability to generate and export user-created product and line report views; and increased functionality in its 3D file support module.

The recently released YuniquePLM V6.1, an update of YuniquePLM V6 introduced last fall, also incorporates more than 50 user interface enhancements. Gerber Technology boasts a management team of experienced industry professionals who are responsive in adapting their software solutions to meet users’ needs.

Upgrade features augment system’s primary function of connecting production teams

The latest modifications augment YuniquePLM system’s primary function: To connect the design and production teams of apparel manufacturers with their supply chain to facilitate time- and cost-efficient production flow. The system is designed for businesses of all sizes to accelerate time-to-market, reduce lead time and improve margins by managing the details and costs of line plans, tech packs and samples, and by simplifying communication and collaboration with global vendors and partners.

User-generated product view mode added, with export to external programs

The user-generated report views enhancement of YuniquePLM V6.1 allow users to display unique product views based on selected images, data, and fields, and then export this data for sharing and collaboration with other members of the company’s design, production, and management staff, and with external partners and vendors. The user can extract desired data such as lines, styles, colors, or costs quickly from YuniquePLM system and export all of this data to Microsoft Excel format, to maximize its flexibility and utility in displaying, communicating, and sharing this information with the product design and production teams and other key partners.

Once created, each report view profile can be saved by the user for easy retrieval at a later date. The saved profile allows generation of new reports using the same images and data fields. In addition to Excel spreadsheets, exported report files can also be saved as PDFs for distribution outside the system, to be used in a line meeting, for example, or in generating a report.

3D style/sample support module gains expanded viewing options and annotation capability

YuniquePLM V6 was designed to be compatible with 3D printing technology and advanced CAD development software, which have seen wider use in the fashion and apparel industry in recent years.
YuniquePLM V6 system enables users to view, store and analyze 3D files used for trim, accessory, and fastener parts and prototypes.

YuniquePLM V6.1 expands this functionality, adding the ability to view, spin, zoom, and pan 3D CAD files within a garment style and sample, as well as to annotate the files with callout comments using a markup tool.
The files, stored in one location, are accessible either internally or through a partner via a vendor portal.
In addition, within the style and sample areas of YuniquePLM V6.1, users can view 3D files exported from Gerber’s AccuMark 3D pattern design, grading, marker making, production software.
According to Bill Brewster, vice president and general manager for Yunique Solutions, enhanced 3D features incorporated in the latest YuniquePLM V6.1 upgrade help design and production professionals to more easily incorporate the creative power and increased efficiency of 3D design, visualization and production into their workflows. “It’s about ease of use—you want to be able to truly design using 3D and then leverage those digital assets throughout your whole value chain—and now you’ll be able to,” said Brewster, who also notes that 3D technology, which has been emerging in the fashion and apparel industry for many years, has reached a turning point in its progress. (1)

Upgrade incorporates dozens of user interface enhancements and improvements

YuniquePLM V6.1 also features more than 50 user interface enhancements and improvements, including saved search capabilities, color/swatch generation, increased flexibility in the use of artwork/images, and enhanced measurement management functionality.
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Overview of additional key features of
YuniquePLM V6:
YuniquePLM V6 system, introduced in October 2014, offers significant system updates from the previous version to improve speed, efficiency, and usability. New features include a line planning function and product development calendar tool, mass sample request development, silhouette templates, keystroke efficiency, and user management tools.
Line Planning Function: The line planning function centralizes all information needed for product line planning and makes it accessible for collaborative review by every department involved in the process—design, production, sales, marketing, financial, and purchasing. Designers can enter planned colors and materials, tracking them against styles in the line list as the projects move from development to approval. Cost data is integrated early in the planning process, which enables more effective controls and accountability. Information can be driven from the “top down,” or with “bottom up” input, and built-in notifications alert the user to specific additions, deletions or alterations or inconsistencies.

Development Calendar: The calendar tool provides a visual layout that integrates all departments involved in planning, design, production, marketing, and manufacturing. The calendar indicates product development milestones, tasks and important dates. Multiple events can be created, along with associated action items, the duration of each item, scheduling information, and employee teams responsible for their execution. Critical Path Management (CPM) features identify essential tasks that must be completed ahead of other, dependent tasks in the project timeline. Color-coded bars within the calendar identify the real-time status of each project. The calendar can automatically synchronize the planned start and end dates of entered projects, providing a visual representation of obstacles to development and completion.

Mass Sample Request Development: YuniquePLM V6 can process mass sample requests across multiple styles, with the request consolidated on one page. This simplified method reduces the time-consuming data entry keystrokes previously necessary for the bulk creation of prototype garments for potential buyers, etc. Sample requests can be updated through a style or silhouette; silhouette sample requests are linked to all styles.

Posted June 9, 2015

Source: Gerber Technology