TexTrace Partners With Keonn To Improve Retail Customer Experience

FRICK, Switzerland — April 14, 2015 — Today TexTrace, a pioneer in advanced technology for the apparel industry, announced that the company is collaborating with Keonn to bring advanced RFID systems for apparel retailers to the market.

TexTrace incorporates RFID technology into a woven brand label for accurate inventory tracking, seamless security and brand authentication. Together, the TexTrace Woven RFID Brand Label and Keonn’s interactive retail systems create the ideal fashion retail experience of the future with a sophisticated product recommendation and cross-selling system enabled by item-level RFID technology.

As shoppers become more sophisticated and technologically savvy, customer retention is increasingly difficult. To overcome this challenge, more retailers are looking to interactive product displays and high-tech fitting rooms enabled by RFID to improve customer engagement. In fact, researchers have found that using RFID-based interactive systems can increase sales in retail stores by up to 30 percent.

The Keonn AdvanLook interactive retail display and AdvanFitting system for retail store fitting rooms work seamlessly with the TexTrace RFID brand label, identifying garments selected by customers in the store. This information can be used to allow the customer to request another size or color without leaving the fitting room, or by recommending complementary products for cross-selling.

“RFID has incredible ability to improve the customer shopping experience by enabling real-time customer-to-product interactions in the store,” said Ramir De Porrata-Doria, CEO, Keonn. “The TexTrace woven RFID brand label is the perfect complement to Keonn’s AdvanLook and AdvanFitting systems, creating a whole new level of customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.”

“RFID provides retailers with a secret weapon to not only streamline logistics, but also to improve the overall customer experience and build brand loyalty,” said Sybille Korrodi, head of marketing for TexTrace. “Working together, TexTrace brand labels and Keonn interactive retail systems help improve conversion rates at fitting rooms, recommend additional products, and increase overall retail sales.”

Demonstrations of the TexTrace Woven RFID Brand Label and Keonn interactive product recommendation and cross-selling system will be on display at RFID Journal Live 2015, April 15-17 in San Diego. The TexTrace booth #927 will feature these technologies together in a fashion retail customer experience and brand protection application.

The AdvanFitting RFID-based ‘smart fitting room’ system will be on display in the Keonn booth, #930. Both the TexTrace booth and the Keonn booth are participating in the RFID Journal Live coolest demo contest, which Keonn has won twice in past years.

Posted April 14, 2015

Source: TexTrace