Walking The Innovation Talk At George C. Moore

SAN SALVADOR — March 31, 2014 —  George C. Moore El Salvador has launched “¡Prende Tu Foco!,  an internal innovation initiative that seeks to promote creative thinking throughout the company in order to develop new profitable and sustainable ways to deliver quality narrow fabric solutions.  “Throughout the years we have received many ideas that have emerged spontaneously from many of our associates that have allowed us to serve our customers in a better manner. This year, George C. Moore has decided to allocate resources in developing our employee’s creative skills and  to establish formal channels and criteria to allow employees to share their ideas and to receive recognition for going the extra mile.We are proud to have passionate, energetic and creative people in our workforce that are always ready to take on the challenge of innovating” said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President.

This innovation initiative seeks to  give all 415 employees the liberty to propose new ideas not only in their respective areas of responsibility but in all the departments of the company. They are looking forward to encouraging an atmosphere of constructive dissent in which anyone can challenge anything  while also promoting teamwork and the formation of cross-functional teams to present their ideas to the Evaluation Committee. Innovative ideas can be aimed at reducing costs, reducing lead times, entering new markets, creating new applications and  new value added services for narrow elastic products.

A. Dreher  also mentioned that “this is a very challenging initiative to implement but we are willing to take the challenge. It is not so easy to ‘walk the innovation talk’, to go from words to actually developing a credible infrastructure that nurtures, evaluates, implements and recognizes new ideas presented by our employees”.

George C. Moore Co. has excelled as one of the best textile plants in El Salvador in terms of quality, on-time delivery, innovation and excellence. In 2013 they we were recognized by the Embassy of the United States of America in El Salvador with the Award for Corporate Excellence 2013 and by Fruit of the Loom Inc. with the Supplier Innovation of the Year Award.  “Public recognition is the result of all the hard work, dedication and creativity of the 415 people that work for this great company” said Jaime Campos, General Manager.

Senior management recognizes that despite all the awards and recognition the company has received throughout the years they acknowledge the fact that there is still great potential to grow, improve and overcome many challenges as a result of a highly competitive market and ever changing demands from current and potential customers. 

Posted April 3, 2014

Source: George C. Moore