Alvanon Introduces Mexico Standard AlvaForms

Alvanon Inc., New York City, now offers the Mexico Standard AlvaForm Series of fit mannequins to
apparel producers serving the Mexican market.

“The most obvious benefit to consumers will be better fitting clothes,” said Alvanon
President Ed Gribbin, who noted that Mexican apparel makers had been using United States-related
and outdated Mexican size specifications. “For retailers and brands that means improved sell
through, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. On the manufacturing side, the
standard will speed time from design to production and facilitate greater quality control.”

The mannequins are based on averages of weight, height and body measurements derived from
data gathered during the Size Mexico body scan campaign, which was sponsored by Mexico-based Cámara
Nacional de la Industria del Vestido (CANAIVE) in conjunction with Walmart de Mexico, Paris-based
fashion software provider Lectra and CVS Group. The survey included thousands of body scans taken
of consumers in 14 cities across Mexico. The campaign is expected to reduce merchandise returns and
save Mexico’s apparel industry $400 million by 2017.

March/April 2013