Filatura Di Saluzzo Introduces Newlife™ For Corporate Workwear

Filatura di Saluzzo S.r.l. — an Italy-based manufacturer of polyester yarns for apparel fabrics —
has introduced Newlife™ for corporate workwear applications.

Newlife is an integrated, patented system for recycling polyester derived from 100-percent
post-consumer recycled plastic bottles into filament yarns using a mechanical process. The system
is 100-percent “Made in Italy” by means of an exclusive horizontal partnership agreement, and it
creates high-performance filaments of a quality similar to that of virgin polyester while offering
significant resource and cost savings, according to Saluzzo Yarns. In addition to corporate
workwear, applications include fashion apparel, lingerie, beachwear, sportswear, technical apparel,
furnishings, and medical and outdoor fabrics.

Newlife recently was named the Best Recycled Plastic Product 2012 by the European Association
of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations.

December 11, 2012