VDMA: Garment And Leather Technology Association Has High Hopes For 2013

BERLIN, Germany — November 16, 2012 — German manufacturers of garment, leather technology and
textile cleaning machinery are anticipating a slight drop in sales of 3 per cent in real terms for
2012 compared to 2011. A turnover increase of 4 per cent in real terms is forecast for 2013.

“2012 was a stable transitional year for the Garment and Leather Technology Association. For
2013 we are expecting an increase in turnover, particularly if global conditions improve. The
unexpectedly clear outcome of the presidential election in the USA is already the first step in the
right direction,” explained the trade association’s chairman Tilo Ullmer, owner and managing
shareholder of PMF GmbH in Schweix and FORTUNA Spezial Maschinen GmbH in Weil der Stadt, during the
VDMA trade association’s general assembly on 16 November in Berlin.

Within the VDMA, the Garment and Leather Technology Association encompasses sewing and
garment machinery, shoe and leather technology, laundry and textile cleaning machinery and
machinery for processing technical textiles. In 2011 the volume of production stood at 510 million

With regard to orders received, the Garment and Leather Technology Association reported a
decrease of 23 per cent in real terms in September 2012, compared to the same month last year. In
the period from January to September, which was less influenced by short-term fluctuations, the
figure was down by 9 per cent. This was divided up over the sub-industries as follows – Sewing and
garment machinery in September: a minus of 58 per cent, January to September: a minus of 33 per
cent. Machinery for the shoe and leather industry in September: a minus of 12 per cent, January to
September: a minus of 29 per cent. Laundry and textile cleaning machinery in September: a plus of
16 per cent, January to September: a plus of 12 per cent.

“The expectations in the garment and leather technology sector could not be met in 2012.
Unfortunately the general reluctance of customers to invest, particularly in the clothing and shoe
production segments, is actually globally more pronounced than anticipated. Only the USA and the
global production of technical textiles have been relatively unaffected as yet. With this, the
uncertainty of the ailing economy in China and the euro crisis is increasingly spreading to the
manufacturers and consumers. A cautious increase in the number of orders and also in turnover can
be predicted for 2013. But the global economic conditions have to stabilise or improve in order for
this to happen,” added Elgar Straub, Managing Director of the Garment and Leather Technology Trade
Association within the VDMA.

Investments are on the agenda

“Considerable structural changes in China, the most significant market for clothing
manufacturers, as well as shorter response times are leading to the production sites being
relocated closer to the end consumer markets,” continues Straub. This shifting of production, to
Eastern Europe for example, as well as the required flexibilisation of production processes
combined with resource conservation and increasing productivity are benefitting German technology
manufacturers. Positive developments have already been reported at the JIAM trade fair in Osaka,
the leading technology fair for sewing equipment and the clothing machinery industry in Asia, and
at SIMAC in Bologna, one of the worldwide leading trade fairs for machinery and technologies for
the shoe and leather goods industry. German manufacturers of sewing and garment machinery are also
pinning their hopes on further positive impulses from Texprocess, the international leading
technology trade fair for the processing of textile and flexible materials, which will be taking
place next June in Frankfurt. “Texprocess can give the industry the boost that was lacking in
2012,” explained Straub.

New appointments to the Board

The general assembly of the VDMA Garment and Leather Technology Trade Association has
appointed an additional member, Mr Heiko Bauer, Vice President Sales, Groz-Beckert KG, to its Board
for the legislative period expiring at the end of 2013. The Board currently consists of the
following people:

Tilo Ullmer (Chairman), PMF GmbH / FORTUNA Spezialmaschinen GmbH

Günter Veit (Deputy Chairman), VEIT GmbH


Dietrich Eickhoff, DÜRKOPP ADLER AG

Klaus Freese, Klöckner Desma Schuhmaschinen GmbH

Engelbert Heinz, Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH & Co.

Robert Keilmann, KSL Keilmann Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

Alexander Mesdaghi, Ferd. Schmetz GmbH

Andreas Ring, Ring GmbH

Dr. Andreas Seidl, HUMAN SOLUTIONS GmbH

If you have any further questions, Elgar Straub will be delighted to help. Telephone: +49
(0)172 6743975.

Posted on November 20, 2012

Source: VDMA