Copper Sole, Socks For Heroes Partner To Help Soldiers In Afghanistan

MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — October 3, 2012 — Of all the basics that U.S. troops on the battlefield need the
most, clean socks are high on the list, says a leading military support group.

“Clean socks are as important as food and ammunition to an infantryman,” said Jim Hogan, who
with his wife Carla started the Socks for Heroes program in 2011 to help provide a much-needed item
to Marines stationed in Afghanistan. Through donations from such companies as Renfro Corporation,
they have shipped 128,000 pairs of socks to Marines and Soldiers in Afghanistan.

To help the Hogans serve more soldiers with new socks, Renfro Corporation, a global leader in
the legwear industry, is launching a pre-holiday offer to benefit the military. For every pair of
Copper Sole socks that is purchased through its website between now and November
18, 2012, Renfro will donate a pair of Copper Sole socks to the Socks for Heroes program.

The Copper Sole brand was chosen because it provides many benefits that an infantryman
appreciates.  Copper ions are woven into the fabric of the sock, helping to eliminate
odor-causing bacteria.  The socks have a reinforced cushioned sole and smooth toe seam that
provide exceptional comfort against tough boots. They wick moisture away from the skin to keep the
feet drier. Copper is a mineral found naturally in the body. The copper ions help the body feel
energized and can repair damaged skin.

Because infantry soldiers spend an average of 10 hours a day on their feet doing multiple
patrols and are stationed in places where laundry facilities (and often water) are in short supply,
a clean pair of socks can make all the difference to their well being, said Hogan.

“Many soldiers who don’t have access to laundry facilities say that a fresh change of socks
will often give them a temporary feeling of cleanliness until they reach a place where hot showers
and clean clothes are available,” said Hogan. “For the Infantryman, socks are the perfect gift or
item to include in gift boxes sent to soldiers on a regular basis.”

“It has been Renfro’s privilege to help Socks for Heroes provide socks to our dedicated U.S.
Marines and Soldiers who serve so faithfully in Afghanistan. We look forward to helping Socks for
Heroes send thousands more socks to the troops to provide the comfort that Copper Sole gives to
tired feet,” said Andrew L. (Bud) Kilby, CEO and President of Renfro.

Posted on October 12, 2012

Source: Renfro Corp.