FOTL Extends Recycling Program With Martex Fiber

Fruit of the Loom (FOTL), Bowling Green, Ky., will extend its waste recycling initiative with
Martex Fiber Southern Corp., Spartanburg, to ensure textiles from its U.S. and Central American
manufacturing waste streams are recycled into useable products.

Martex processes fabric waste to create raw fiber for use by nonwoven producers or for fill
products. The company also spins recycled-content yarns using reclaimed fiber at its Jimtex Yarns
Division in Lincolnton, Ga.

“Martex Fiber has been a responsible partner of ours for many years,” said Ted Goolesby,
FOTL. “We appreciate their efforts to explore new markets for textile waste, and together, our
efforts have led to many innovative materials. Some of these waste-based fibers products have been
used to insulate cars, fill mattresses or even go back into making new apparel fabrics.”

Jimmy Jarrett, manager of the FOTL waste contract, Martex Fiber, added: “The possibility for
large scale apparel producers to actually take their own waste and have it processed back into yarn
and then back into finished product is now a reality. It is very exciting!”

March/April 2010