Velcro USA Unveils Evaptex™ High-performance Fabric

Velcro USA Inc., Manchester, N.H., a global conglomerate offering a range of products including
Velcro® hook and loop fasteners, now offers Velcro Evaptex™ woven fabric that combines
breathability and moisture-wicking properties, allowing air circulation through the fabric while
maintaining a neutral temperature for the wearer.

The machine-washable, laminated two-layered fabric features a patent-pending evaporation
technology and silver ion-based antimicrobial properties. The next-to-skin surface has a very soft,
comfortable hand, and the outer loop surface is compatible with Velcro hook materials to facilitate
fastener placement and adjustment. Targeted applications include orthopedic braces, sleep apnea
headgear, tracheotomy straps and other medical devices; as well as turnout gear and fire protection
suits and other emergency responder applications.

November/December 2009