Nilit® Aquarius Featured In Nux Seamless Activewear

Israel-based nylon 6,6 fiber manufacturer Nilit Ltd. will provide its Aquarius moisture-management
nylon 6,6 to Los Angeles-based Nux USA for the Nux seamless women’s activewear line including
tanks, racers, camis, leggings and shorts.

“We selected Nilit Aquarius yarn for Nux for several reasons,”said Lourdes Lozano, sales
manager, Nux. “The moisture management mechanism is built into the yarn itself so we could avoid
using chemical finishes, which athletic purists may resist. Plus, Nilit Aquarius delivers a
luxurious hand, which is so important to women, and the yarns hold color well, resulting in
beautiful, vibrant garments.”

Nilit Aquarius incorporates three tiers of moisture management: a permanently embedded
moisture-management additive; cross-section shaped fibers to maximize wicking surface area; and
moisture-wicking micro-channels.

November/December 2008