O’Mara Unveils Environmentally Friendly Eco-Fil™ Yarn

kanewsPolyester and nylon yarn producer O’Mara Inc., Rutherford College, N.C., has
introduced the first filament polyester yarn made from 100-percent post-consumer polyethylene
terephthalate (PET) beverage containers that have been reclaimed from the waste stream. According
to the company, Eco-Fil yarn does not contain post-industrial waste such as production line
rejects, factory scraps and other salvaged materials.

Features include a soft, luxurious hand, shrinkage resistance, strength, dye uptake,
colorfastness, stretch, durability and manufacturability, according to the company. O’Mara also has
added a fire-resistant treatment and SmartSilver anti-odor/antimicrobial finish to the yarn. The
yarn may be fully or partially oriented, dyed, texturized, knit, woven, spun and finished.

The yarn currently is used in a variety of sports apparel, hosiery, and home furnishings
products, among other end products.

May/June 2007