Fruit Of The Loom Closes Rabun Apparel Operations

Bowling Green, Ky.-based underwear,
T-shirt and activewear manufacturer Fruit of the Loom Inc. announced it will shut down its Rabun
Apparel Inc. yarn and textile operation in Rabun Gap, Ga., by Aug. 26, 2006. The company said
continued imports of Chinese and Far Eastern textile and apparel products into the US market have
taken market share away from US manufacturers.

The plant currently employs approximately 930 workers and is the largest employer in Rabun
County, according to the Clayton, Ga.-based Rabun County Economic Development Authority. The
company will offer these employees a range of outplacement services with assistance from a rapid
response team organized by the Georgia Department of Labor.

“This decision is in no way a reflection upon the efforts of our dedicated employees,” said
Lynn Wilson, general manager. “The Rabun Gap facility has always performed well for the company. We
thank all our dedicated employees for their service and encourage other area employers to give
these excellent workers every consideration for employment opportunities.”

May/June 2006