Nano-Tex Launches NANO-TOUCH Technology

Nano-Tex LaunchesNano-Touch TechnologyNano-Tex LLC, Greensboro, N.C., a subsidiary of Burlington Industries, has introduced the fourth of its nanotechnology-based textile products. NANO-TOUCH fabric technology enhances fabrics by grafting an outer layer of cotton-like attributes to a man-made fiber core, adding cottons softness, comfort and matte finish to the durability, strength, colorfastness and crease retention inherent in the man-made fibers.Working at the molecular level, the new technology eliminates the need for traditional spinning processes or blended fibers and fabrics, according to Nano-Tex. Our proprietary technology is engineering fabrics that create advanced performance sustainable through the life of the fabric, said George W. Henderson, CEO. Scientists in our research and development center are pioneering new ground with cutting-edge applications of nanotechnology to textiles, creating a pipeline of future innovations.Burlington is producing NANO-TOUCH-enhanced fabrics under exclusive license from Nano-Tex. The fabrics are being shown to customers and are available for immediate sale.March 2002