Unifi Debuts Sorbtek For Moisture Management

Sorbtek, a performance yarn that uses a new catch, move and release system for moisture management,
has been developed by Unifi Inc., Greensboro, N.C. Sorbteks advanced formula integrates itself into
the molecular structure of the yarn, according to Lee Gordon, senior vice president, product
development. The yarns moisture-management properties are permanent, while its physical properties
are identical to regular textured yarn and require no changes or additional processing beyond
normal manufacturing operations. Test results show that Sorbtek immediately absorbs moisture and
moves it away from its source faster and farther than the leading moisture transport yarn. The yarn
is available as continuous filament 70- to 150-denier polyester or nylon. It is suitable as warp or
filling in woven applications and in seamless, circular and warp-knitted applications.

March 2001