Nano-Tex Licenses Nano-Dry And Nano-Care Technology

Nano-Tex LLC, Greensboro, N.C., announced that it has agreed to license the molecular technology of
Nano-Tex for fabric production by New York City-based GaleyandLord and Burlington PerformanceWear,
Greensboro, N.C.Under these agreements, GaleyandLord will use the Nano-Care technology on a variety
of cotton and cotton- blended fabrics that will be both wrinkle-resistant and water- and
oil-repellant. Burlington PerformanceWear will utilize the Nano-Dry technology to provide advanced
hydrophilic properties to nylon and polyester fabrics.George W. Henderson III, CEO, Nano-Tex, said,
These partnerships bring the next generation of fabrics to reality. We are delighted to have two
very reputable mills such as GaleyandLord and Burlington PerformanceWear join with Nano-Tex to
provide the marketplace affordable, high-performance fabrics. Nano-Care and Nano-Dry are the first
introductions in a family of products being developed by Nano-Tex, bringing ease of care and
superior performance to everyday fabrics. By changing the fabric at the molecular level, Nano-Tex
creates new opportunities in the marketplace with differentiated products based on cutting-edge
nanotechnology. We believe that our ability to bring this technology to everyday fabrics will set a
new standard for fabric performance in the future.

February 2001