Jukki Union Introduces New Products For Apparel Industry

Jukki Union Special Inc., has recently introduced new products for the apparel industry.First in
the MOL-254 Automatic 2-needle belt loop attaching machine for high quality belt loop sewing on
jeans, casual wear and work wear. It operates at a sewing speed of up to 3,600 spm (stitches per
minute) with a 1.2-second sewing time per loop. Stitch patterns can be changed at the
operator-friendly control panel within one second, with memory capacity of nine patterns, and 99
patterns with optional ROM.The second product is the LBH-1700 electronic lockstitch buttonhole
machine for super high-quality buttonholes on light- to medium-weight fabrics. It offers six
different buttonhole patterns as standard and up to 89 patterns with additional ROM. The
direct-drive motor system provides exact feed with very fine resolution, with reductions in noise
and vibration levels.Finally, the company has introduced the DDL-9000 Series single-needle
lockstitch machines with automatic thread trimming, which are available in two models.The DDL-9000D
is a dry head machine designed without an oil pan, eliminating the need for lubrication and oil
stains on fabric.The DDL-9000S is a semi-lubricating model that feeds clean oil to the hook and
needle bar only, greatly reducing maintenance.
Circle 316.

October 1999