Hexcel Launches HexTow® IM9 24K Carbon Fiber

Hexcel Corp, Stamford, Conn., used the recent JEC World trade show to officially launch its new HexTow® IM 24K continuous carbon fiber. This intermediate modulus (IM) fiber of 24,000 filaments features a 12-percent improvement in tensile strength compared to the baseline Hexcel IM7 fiber — used heavily in airline engine fan blades and aerospace applications. The IM9 fiber also has an average tow tensile strength of more than 6,300 mega-pascals, a modulus of 298 gigapascals and a strain of 9 percent.

“Hexcel developed HexTow IM9 24K to be a workhorse fiber that builds on the company’s proven legacy of intermediate modulus fibers,”said Imad Atallah, vice president, Product Management, Composite Materials. “We are excited to offer our customers a dependable carbon fiber solution for high-rate manufacturing and high-performance material designs.”

March/April 2024