Marijuana Strategic Ventures, Inc. Now Mushrooms Inc., Announces Filing Of Provisional Patent For Novel Mycelium Thread

ESTERO, Fla. — August 23, 2022 — Marijuana Strategic Ventures, Inc. (the “Company”) now Mushrooms Inc., announces Filing of Provisional Patent for Novel Mycelium Thread.

The Company is pleased to announce that on August 22, 2022, Mushrooms, Inc. executed an exclusive license agreement for all rights to a newly filed provisional patent for a novel mycelium thread manufacturing method with the United States Patent Office (USPTO).

Myco Technology with Mushroom Textile Applications

The Company’s exclusively licensed patent application is directed to a novel method for generating mycelium thread that Mushrooms Inc. believes will create a new textile material to replace some of the most commonly used petroleum-based fabrics.

Lead scientist Robert Richardson commented, “Our process uses specific fungus to metabolize and biodegrade agricultural waste into a usable mycelia material. This mycelia is then esterified and spun into silky fibers which may be used for textiles and clothing.”

By working with the fast-growing mycelium, in conjunction with regenerative agriculture, mycelium thread prevents the return of the sequestered carbon back into the atmosphere and creates a zero carbon, eco-positive product. Focusing on plant material diversity in their process will allow for unique agricultural curation which can be implemented globally, sequestering carbon and reducing pollution that would otherwise be released into the air through burning the waste in the fields.

Kimberly Carlson, CEO of Mushrooms Inc., said, “With only 2 weeks of growing time, we are looking at an efficient break down process for agricultural waste with high volume product output to feed directly into current methods of textile production. I am excited to work in collaboration with the intelligent mycelia, embrace its natural ability to break down waste, and enable designers to showcase the beautiful bi-product in familiar textile applications. Implemented correctly, this could have a positive global impact in countries burning high fiber or high cellulose agricultural residue.”

Mushrooms Inc. is aligned with the expectation that mycelium thread will be the newest textile medium for the creation of fabrics with a highly sustainable (minimal carbon impact), infinitely renewable, energy efficient manufacturing process.

Exclusive License Agreement

Under the Exclusive License Agreement, dated August 22, 2022, between Mushrooms, Inc. and the developers of the novel mushroom thread generation technology, Mushrooms, Inc. acquired the rights to future revenue generated by the market adoption of the technology.

With attainable milestones in place for Mushrooms Inc. including the production of an operable prototype incorporating the Technology by June 30, 2023 and commercialization by September 30, 2023 they look to use its reasonably best commercial efforts to achieve sales. With an agreed 90% royalty of net sales as well as 90% of any products obtained from operation of all Devices on a country by country basis, Mushrooms Inc. has secured this exclusive license agreement with a wide margin of profitability.

Provisional Patent Filed – On August 17, 2022, the licensing inventors filed patent application no. 63/371,683 with the USPTO, titled “Method For Mycelium Thread Generation”.

Posted: August 23, 2022

Source: Mushrooms, Inc.