Filo Has Presented The 55th Edition

BIELLA, Italy — December 15, 2020 — The 55th edition of Filo has been presented to operators and the press today through a webinar which had a large audience. The International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibres for orthogonal weaving, circular knitting and technical fabrics will be held on Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th of February 2021 at MiCo – Milan Convention Centre (via Gattamelata 5, Milan).

As usual, the meeting consisted of two parts: during the first one, Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, explained the objectives and the new projects of the Exhibition, while during the second part Gianni Bologna (creativity and style supervisor for Filo) described product development proposals for the 55th edition of Filo.

In his speech, Paolo Monfermoso did not hide the difficulties and the uncertainties which are still affecting textile industry: “Just because we are going through a difficult situation, our industry should increase its efforts to continue to propose the excellence of our supply chain in an international panorama. In this context, physically attended exhibitions play a fundamental role: for the companies which participate in, they represent an essential tool for promotion and communication, the privileged place where to meet both new and long-standing customers. This applies especially for the companies upstream of the production process, as it is the case with the exhibitors of Filo. Is it with this aim that we are working for the edition of Filo to be held on February 2021: we want to give life to an Exhibition which is increasingly focusing on concreteness and the ability to make possible the meeting between demand and supply of yarns of excellence, in order to give international visibility to the companies which believe in quality, careful treatments, sustainability of products and production processes.”

Monfermoso then focused on the high participation recorded by the online presentation of the 55th edition of Filo: “The webinar formula highlights the choice of presenting product development proposals through a mix of live speeches and pre-recorded videos. On the other hand, it allows us to reach all interested people in Italy and abroad in a single occasion and in a simple, effective and rapid way, from exhibitors to style offices and the press. Digital is a channel that allows us to dialogue with a much wider audience than the one that traditionally followed our meetings in Biella, Milano, Prato, thus confirming its usefulness in supporting the fair “in presence”.”

Developed by Gianni Bologna, the product development proposals of the 55th edition of Filo, under the title “Single tickets”, are divided into three sections: Re-creating, Re-thinking, Re-starting. Mr. Bologna says: “If we want to find the positive aspect in the difficult situation of today, we could find them within the stimulus which may arise to generate a new connection with labour conditions or with our nature itself. The problem is not to find novelties, but rather to give new values to the existing situations, or even better, to re-elaborate and re-consider the things that we already know how to do. In the three sections that make up “Single tickets” we find garments with no season and no time which express reassuring continuity with our handcrafted and artistic manual traditions. What we do not find is “exhibition” as an end in itself, but a nearly extremist discretion, with fabrics which are both elegant and anti-elegant, but most of all “convincing”. Last but not least, we have a hybrid style which uses urban sportswear comfort, blending it with sophisticated lines and materials for “special occasion” formal garments.

Posted December 15, 2020

Source: Filo