Nylstar Introduces Meryl® Skinlife Force Enhanced With Permanent Viroblock, An Odorless Antimicrobial, Antibacterial And Antiviral Hi-Tech Fabric With Silver-Ion Technology

BLANES, Spain — September 21, 2020 — Face masks became a part of everyday life as a problem with COVID-19 still remains in our communities. The majority of the face masks are made with the fabrics that are not inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses inside the fabric and these are spread to the air and our environment through the microfiber release.

The Meryl® Skinlife Force hi-tech fabric combines the silver-ion technology with specific microfiber continuous filament with high tenacity. It doesn’t shred any microfibers, ensuring that the viruses are trapped and inhibited even more effectively into the fabrics and garments. Silver micro particles are potent antimicrobial agents due to its unique chemical and physical properties. Silver interacts with sulfur-bearing moieties of viruses leading to inhibition of post-entry stages of infection through blocking of viral proteins. Silver-ion technology inhibits the growth and proliferation of the bacteria and viruses in the fabrics.

Nylstar has developed Meryl Skinlife Force with a permanent viroblock technology, using the silver-ion active principle from the Swiss laboratory HeiQ. This technological innovation also allows an even longer durability of the garments, which is in line with Nylstar’s continuous efforts to help the fabric and clothing industry move forward sustainable and full circular economy.

Meryl Skinlife Force hi-tech fabrics may be used for the development of garments, masks, gowns and buffs that may be reused over 100 times after being washed at a temperature of 60ºC, which guarantees total elimination of viruses, while maintaining their permanent viroblock effect.

Thanks to the microfiber technology of the Meryl Skinlife Force, the face masks and garments have supremely soft touch and protects the skin from redness and allergic reactions.

Sustainablility And Circularity Of Meryl® Fabrics

Meryl Skinlife Force fabrics as well as all other Meryl hi-tech fabrics are designed to avoid microfiber pollution. Meryl hi-tech fabrics bring the textile industry the necessary quality and touch without polluting air and water by spinning its high quality continuous filament with extraordinary tenacity.

No use of silicones or softeners are needed to enhance the touch of the Meryl hi-tech fabrics. High performance is an inherent part of Meryl hi-tech fabrics and hence do not need special finishing or any other chemical treatments.

Meryl Skinlife Force as well as all other Meryl hi-tech fabrics from Nylstar are completely and infinitely recyclable without suffering any loss of performance, which allows a full sustainable and circular economy.


Meryl Skinlife Force hi -tech fabric is certified by STANDARD 100 by Oekotex assuring the consumer that the product is free of harmful substances. The silver active principle of Meryl Skinlife Force has been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA 85249-1).

Nylstar and the Spanish laboratory Leitat conducted a study of the microfiber release into the air and water. All Meryl fabrics and its fibres are certified as 100-percent free microfibrer release into the air and water.

Microfiber pollution is a big concern nowadays, as there is a huge liberation of these particles from the textiles made with staple and low quality fibers. The combination of permanent viroblock and 100-percent free microfiber release is a guarantee of a safer world.

Posted September 21, 2020

Source: Nylstar