Non-Halogen, Low-Smoke: PAL…NH-LS Performance FR Passes NFPA-701 Test

ATLANTA, Ga. — April 9, 2020 — Dynamic Modifiers, LLC, a specialty polyolefin polymer compounder, has introduced PAL…NH-LS Performance FR concentrate/masterbatch which is a non-halogenated, non-antimony vapor phase flame retardant concentrate for use in the production of polypropylene fibers, film and thicker gauge molded or extruded parts.

Exposure to flame results in a UL-94 V-2 level of flame retardant performance in thicker gauge extruded or molded parts and rapidly self-extinguishing behavior without consuming the test specimen. When used in fibers or tape yarns that are typically used in textile applications it meets many of the vertical burn requirements of textile/film flame retardant standards, such as NFPA 701. Because  polyolefin is non-polar, the final polymer compound inherently tends not to support bacteria or virus attachments or growth, exampled by its wide use in the medical industry.

This product is not a tweak like so many ideas posing as innovation, but an entirely new FR breakthrough.

In addition to the above attributes, the polypropylene concentrate contributes little to the overall specific gravity of the final part/film/fiber, preserving the light weight properties characteristic of polyolefins (S.G. < 0.91).  It is 100-percent non-toxic, sustainable and yields advantages for brand-owners to gain LEED points in the Green Building market.

Other properties include hydrophobic (water-repellant), printable, extreme chemical resistance and able to be custom-tailored for specific needs, including e.g. UV, color, even glass fibers for added stiffness, toughness and tenacity etc. Best of all, PAL…NH-LS Performance FR is exceptionally low-priced and distinguishes itself being easily able to compete in the market with virtually any FR at a similar level of performance.

The concentrate has efficacy when used in certain polypropylene based flexible or impact modified applications and is from an R&D award winning specialty compounder creating the next generation development material originating with PAL…the Clean Plastic.

A significant advantage of PAL…NH-LS Performance FR is it has many end use applications and markets it can be used in applications that require a light-weight, non-halogenated, low-smoke and self-extinguishing performance with exceptional economics. The product establishes a higher level of self extinguishing FR performance in fibers, film, sheet, coated fabrics or molded products than often found in the market.

NH-LS Performance FR concentrate does NOT contain heavily loaded magnesium hydroxide, like so many other non-halogenated FR materials which yields substandard mechanical properties.

Posted April 8, 2020

Source: Edward C. Gregor & Associates, LLC / Dynamic Modifiers, LLC