PyroTex® Specialty Flame And Heat Resistant Fiber Now Available For Private Use

HAMBURG, Germany — February 7, 2020 — Fiber being used for home and outdoor textiles for the first time It offers the safest and most skin-friendly way to protect yourself from flames with textiles. The high-tech fiber PyroTex® is already used in areas that require fire resistance, for example in aircrafts, work clothing or in filtration. Now there is the first product for end consumers that is made from the fiber: a multifunctional blanket that is not only flame-resistant, but also a well-designed accessory for living, car, outdoor and leisure.

Robert Jarausch, Managing Director of PyroTex Industries GmbH, Hamburg, explains: “Thanks to its unique inherent properties, our fiber can do much more than protect against fire. PyroTex is soft and warm. In addition, it is permanently antibacterial without any chemical additives. ”It was an obvious step that manufacturers of lifestyle products would also like to use the fiber, especially since it is certified in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. It just makes sense to combine security and comfort in the area of home textiles.”

Spreading innovation internationally

“There are sales opportunities for our fibers especially where there are special and very complex requirements,” Jarausch said. Example public transport: In the event of a fire, the risk of suffocation from flue gases is often greater than the risk of injury from fire. Because PyroTex does not develop toxic fumes, it is used for the covers of aircraft seats and the fire blockers underneath.

In classic applications, including construction, the requirements are clearly exceeded. “In sum, the properties of the PyroTex fiber cannot be compared to any of the flame-resistant fibers available to date,” summarized Jarausch.
The new multifunctional blankets, for example, have been awarded the M1 certificate.

PyroTex Industries GmbH is already active on five continents. Over the next few years, the management plans to increasingly address manufacturers of consumer products in addition to the technical areas. “Approaching the topic of security from the fiber and thinking inherently: This is where we see the future. The multi- functional blanket made by our customer ‘Ask the Fox’ will not only be found in private households, but also in hotels or on cruise ships – and in many cars.” The sale initially takes place via the Ask the Fox online shop. The blanket will soon also be available in furniture stores, hardware stores and outdoor shops .

Posted February 7, 2020

Source: PyroTex Industries GmbH