Beaulieu Launches EqoBalance® Nylon Carpet Yarns

Belgium-based Beaulieu Yarns has introduced the EqoBalance® family of biomass-balance nylon 6 yarns for carpet. The biomass balance method ensures that at the beginning of the supply chain, natural renewable raw materials can partially or even fully replace fossil resources in the process of turning polymers into yarns with the goal of reducing the use of fossil resources as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the company, the EqoBalance yarns reduce carbon dioxide equivalents per kilogram by up to 75 percent compared to its traditional fossil-based yarns, but do so without compromising on quality or performance of the end product. The yarns also meet the standards for TÜV SÜD certification standard CMS 71 — Certification of the use of renewable resources.”

“Carpet tufters are requesting more environmentally-compatible yarns to support their overall commitment to greater sustainability and more efficient resource use,” said Karena Cancilleri, vice president of Engineered Products, Beaulieu International Group.

“We see biomass balance as the fastest path forward and, through EqoBalance, are excited to pioneer this milestone for the contract market as part of our long-term strategy to give customers a fundamental new choice to step into sustainable products and contribute to a better world.”

January/February 2018