Management Buyout Of DuraFiber Technologies (DFT) In Bad Hersfeld Announced

BAD HERSFELD, Germany — October 9, 2017 — As of last week, DuraFiber Technologies (DFT) GmbH in Bad Hersfeld operates as stand-alone company. As a result of a management buyout, in combination with a strategic investor, the plant is now owned by a newly formed parent company.

The strategic investor owns the premises and buildings DuraFiber Technologies GmbH in Bad Hersfeld is operating in. Together with Ralph Van Loo, who also is shareholder, they will design the future of our esteemed plant. Ralph Van Loo will remain his position as CEO and will continue the strategic path forward which was started last year. The plant in Bad Hersfeld has now a sharper focus and greater financial strengths to keep the leading position for high quality filaments.

Since 1966, the plant in Bad Hersfeld has remained at the forefront of the industrial fibers and fabrics industry, developing next-generation technologies and products for a variety of applications with focus is on delivering the very best service to our global customers. DuraFiber Technologies Bad Hersfeld industry-leading portfolio includes high tenacity multifilament yarns manufactured from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PEEK (polyetheretherketone), PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and PBT (polybutylene terephalate). Our wide range of products are used in applications requiring high strength, from architectural design to seat belt yarns, from MRG to sewing threads and specialty applications.

Consequently this step will bring us into a sustainable position to fully focus on all specific activities and the potential related to our site in Bad Hersfeld. We are confident that this strategic change will further strengthen our relationship to all our partners and will be key for positioning us to manage the current and future market dynamics.

In order to position our new strategic alliance, we will change our name in the near future and will advise accordingly.

Posted October 10, 2017

Source: DuraFiber Technologies GmbH