Ascend Performance Materials To Exhibit Its Growing Portfolio Of Vydyne® PA66 Solutions At K 2016

HOUSTON — October 12, 2016 — Ascend Performance Materials will be showcasing its most recent innovative grades of Vydyne® PA66 at the K Show, the world’s largest plastics trade show, in Dusseldorf from October 19-26. Ascend, the world’s largest fully-integrated producer of PA66 resin, manufactures materials used in the automotive, consumer, industrial, textile, electrical and electronic and carpet industries. Customers also rely on Vydyne PA66 fiber products for air bags and tire cord.

“We are fully committed to the PA66 chain. It is our only business,” said Phil McDivitt, president, Ascend Performance Materials. “Our 60-plus years of PA66 expertise combined with our world-class operations and continued investments in people, technologies and facilities make Ascend the choice when customers are looking for new PA66 solutions.”

Under the theme “inspiring everyday,” the company will highlight its material solutions at Hall 6, Stand C52. More than 100 individual plastic and fiber products made from Vydyne® PA66 will be on display in an automobile, a home environment and a workplace setting.

Ascend will be showcasing PA66 innovations in:


  • The new Vydyne R530HR PA66 grade delivers “best-in-class” thermal and hydro-aging performance for demanding automotive cooling system applications.
  • For fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, the Vydyne PA66 HT-series provides high levels of resistance to property degradation after long term exposure to this challenging operating environment.
  • Vydyne R860 is a new ‘eco-friendly’ reinforced PA66 compound with post-industrial recycled content that delivers the right balance between performance and economics when used in fans and shrouds.
  • Push-to-release fasteners using Ascend’s material were designed for the 2015 Ford Mustang and received the Society of Plastics Engineers Innovation Award in the Body Exterior Category.
  • New heat-stabilized grades of Vydyne PA66 offer superior temperature resistance for transmission covers, oil pan covers and air intake manifolds.

Cable ties:

  • Ascend manufactures the world’s largest portfolio of PA66 products for cable ties and fasteners, including grades of Vydyne that are impact modified, heat stabilized, outdoor weatherable and UV resistant.
  • Vydyne 47H BK0644, a new impact modified grade of PA66, delivers best-in class heat resistance, toughness, flexibility and UV resistance.
  • New grades of Vydyne PA66 deliver cost-saving manufacturing advantages, including low plate out, fast cycling and high flow.

Consumer and industrial:

  • New high-viscosity grades of Vydyne PA66 for the food packaging and industrial film industries offer improved heat performance, gloss and superior puncture resistance when compared to alternative polyamide offerings. Vydyne PA66 homo-polymer and co-polymer resins can enable a simpler film layer construction.
  • Glass-filled Vydyne PA66 provides cost performance when used in thermal breaks in window frames to increase insulation.
  • Several new grades of Vydyne PA66 offer strength, toughness, stiffness, heat resistance, precise color and durability.

Electrical and electronics:

  • The glass-filled and electrically neutral Vydyne PA66 J-Series is copper-free and halogen-free, heat-stabilized (155°C for 1000 hours), CTI>600V and is laser-markable and laser-weldable.
  • Vydyne ECO315J is a new unfilled, halogen-free PA66 grade for electrical connectors that offers superior ductility, meets UL94 VO at 0.4mm and exhibits enhanced heat aging of 1000 hours at 135°C.
  • Vydyne ECO366H is a new flame retardant, non-halogenated and heat stabilized grade of PA66 for use in electrical applications in the construction, data communication, renewable energy and transportation industries. ECO366H meets the standards of UL94, offering a V-0 rating, a GWFI (glow wire flammability index) of 960°C and a RTI (relative thermal index) electrical of 150°C down to 0.4 mm. This grade is designed for high performance and long-lasting electrical applications.

Textiles and fibers:

  • No-Shock® is a PA66-based bicomponent fiber that is a permanent anti-static solution and is dyeable for pastel colors in clothing and textiles. The fiber is available as filament (drawn and undrawn), staple fiber and sliver forms in a wide range of deniers. No-Shock® repels lint and dust, is static-free and chemical-free and OEKO-TEX® certified. No-Shock is ideal for woven, knit and electrically embedded wearables.
  • Ascend’s PA66 fiber products serve the carpet, consumer apparel, clothing, shapewear and sportswear industries, along with manufacturers of tire cord and vehicle airbags.

“Our world-class, integrated operations provide the supply assurance needed in today’s dynamic marketplace. Customers trust Ascend to deliver value as we continue to develop new product innovations,” said McDivitt.

Posted October 12, 2016

Source: Ascend Performance Materials