Eurofibers Rebrands Coating Technology To Prisma®

MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands — November 6, 2015 — FYSC Technologies, the innovative coating division of the High Performance Fibers supplier EuroFibers BV, announced that it has rebranded. FYSC Technologies will begin operating under the new trade name Prisma® effective immediately. The rebrand is the positive outcome of the company’s broadening footprint in and outside Europe, unprecedented demand, and increasing recognition. The rebranding will continue to build and foster EuroFibers unparalleled dedication to offering innovative technical solutions that enhance features of High Performance Fibers like Dyneema®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran® and Zylon®.

“The idea of the rebranding arose at the Techtextill in Frankfurt last May, when it was clear that FYSCTM was transitioning to a technology platform with a growing presence and expanding services,” says Marcel Alberts, founder of EuroFibers. “We have tripled our coating capacity within a year. We have some great momentum right now with no signs of slowing. There may never be a better time to rebrand.”

The company’s brand Prisma embodies a coating technology that “creates innovative solutions to shield High Performance Fibers.” The name Prisma originates from the initial trials conducted when EuroFibers tried to coat Dyneema fibers. Dyneema is only available in white and with the Prisma coating technology we can offer it in all colors of the rainbow. The new logo clearly shows all these colors.  The stylized shield is a profound statement in itself with the shield representing the protective features the Prisma coating technology offers the treated High Performance Fibers.

With the rebranding, EuroFibers also services the customers to define the Prisma value proposition to their end users. A strong logo and clear and distinctive website, makes it better for customers to explain why Prisma® shielded fibers are so much better. Marcel Alberts explains: “Our new brand identity is a logical step that communicates to both customers and end users that we continue to provide products and services that consistently outpace our competitors. Our new identity helps mirror the fact that we’re an innovative and forward-looking company with a commitment to ensure the success of every client we service.”

With the adoption of this new brand and logo, EuroFibers has simultaneously launched the website

Posted November 10, 2015

Source: EuroFibers