Meraklon Launches BICO PE/PP Fibres For Hygiene And Technical Applications

WIELSBEKE, Germany — October 21, 2015 — Beaulieu Fibres International, the leading European polypropylene staple fibre supplier, continues to extend the Meraklon specialty fibre portfolio with the introduction of polyolefin BICO-fibres combining softness and strength for nonwovens.

The new Meraklon BICO fibres are based on a Polypropylene (PP) core and Polyethylene (PE) sheath. The PE offers excellent softness in the nonwoven. High strength and thermal stability is ensured by the solid PP core. In addition, PE’s low melting temperature at 130°C supports low bonding temperatures during processing. First customer trials confirmed the good performance of the fibre.

The combination of properties makes the BICO fibres ideal for hygiene topsheets where softness for direct skin contact is required. They can also be used as bonding fibres in filters, insulation materials and other technical applications. It is possible to tailor the performance through different finishes such as permanent hydrophilic, hydrophobic, other well-being features, and additives including Ultrasoft and TiO₂.

Meraklon BICO fibres are designed for Carded Air through processes and are available globally in 1,2dtex – 8,9dtex. The fibres are produced at the Meraklon plant in Terni, Italy.

Karena Cancilleri, Vice-President, Beaulieu Engineered Products, comments: “Meraklon is continuing to diversify to support the advanced needs of customers and markets. The addition of BICO products further expands its specialty portfolio following the successful launch of mono-trilobal fibres earlier this year.”

 Posted October 27, 2015

Source: Beaulieu Fibres International