Polytech Fibers To Create 114 Jobs In Murray County

ATLANTA — October 6, 2014 — Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that PolyTech Fibers LLC, a Georgia-based polyester fiber manufacturer, will create 114 jobs and invest more than $12 million into its first manufacturing facility over the next three years in Murray County. 

“PolyTech Fibers is an excellent addition to our state’s manufacturing sector, an industry that employs more than 360,000 Georgians,” said Deal. “Our No. 1 business climate, which includes a top-ranked technical workforce and solid logistics system, makes Georgia an ideal location for this company. I am confident that our state will continue to foster growth in manufacturing firms across Georgia.”   

The new 80,000-square-foot facility will be located at 2017 Highway 411 North in Chatsworth. With this new facility, the company plans to manufacture and distribute several kinds of regenerated/recycled polyester staple fibers for the automotive industry, as well as the filter sector, nonwoven sector and commercial/residential and high-end furnishing fillers. The jobs created will be in the areas of textile manufacturing and extrusion. Hiring will be done through TiDra staffing.

“We are excited to launch our first plant in Murray County,” said PolyTech Fibers President J.Y. Choi. “Our team is made of experienced engineers and businessmen with years of production and sales expertise. For several years, we have been planning to produce top-quality polyester fibers at competitive prices. PolyTech Fibers is an employee-owned company and we have designed our operation and production to be efficient, cost effective and most importantly, safe. Within three years, our annual production capacity will reach 80 million pounds.”

PolyTech Fibers LLC, founded January 2014, supplies polyester technical fibers to the manufacturing industry. With this new facility, the company will meet the demands brought about by a growing population, a booming automotive industry and innovative product applications.

Yoonie Kim, senior project manager at the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), managed this project on behalf of the state of Georgia, along with Brittany Pittman, sole commissioner of Murray County.

“We are delighted to welcome PolyTech Fibers to our community and we are thankful that they have chosen Murray County to invest $12 million and create 114 new jobs,” said Murray County Sole Commissioner Brittany Pittman. “This project will be a tremendous boost to our local economy. This announcement is a result of the continued efforts to create a competitive and business-friendly climate, which makes us more optimistic about the future. When projects like these take place, those in our community are afforded the opportunity to get back to work. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with PolyTech Fibers.”

“Projects like this highlight the vitality of our advanced manufacturing sector,” said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Carr. “We anticipate that the establishment of PolyTech Fibers new facility will attract additional manufacturers, both domestic and international, and will further strengthen this growing industry, one which consists of more than 9,000 facilities.”

Posted October 7, 2014

Source: Georgia Office of the Governor