TENCEL® Jumbo Plant Comes On-Line

Lenzing Group, Austria, has begun production at its TENCEL® jumbo manufacturing facility in Lenzing, Austria. The 150 million-euro facility, the largest worldwide, is in the process of ramping up production, which is proceeding according to schedule and is expected to be completed within the originally planned timeframe of 24 months.
“We are more than satisfied with the progression of the startup curve,” said Peter Untersperger, CEO, Lenzing Group.
“We are optimistic that we will be able to achieve the planned production target of 30,000 tons by the end of 2014,” said Lenzing COO Friedrich Weninger. “This new TENCEL® facility is decisive to ensure the long-term viability of fiber production at the Lenzing site and the basis for future investments in all markets.”
The production line at the new facility, which employs 140 workers, has an annual nominal production capacity of 67,000 tons and enables Lenzing to raise total annual Tencel production capacity from 155,000 tons to some 220,000 tons. The company reports that the startup of the facility provides expansion opportunities for its customers in the textile and nonwovens segments alike, in addition to enabling development of new applications including technical applications.
August 12, 2014