Houston To Host The 2014 PCI Americas Polyester Industry Conference

PCI Xylenes & Polyesters Ltd. — a provider of global consulting services for the paraxylene, ethylene oxide and polyester chains; and a company of the United Kingdom-based PCI Consulting Group — will hold the 2014 PCI Americas Polyester Industry Conference Wednesday and Thursday, February 26 and 27, at the Houston Marriott Hotel at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

Established in 1988, PCI Xylenes & Polyesters has been providing insight into the changing polyester and intermediates markets for 25 years. In addition to its main offices in the UK and Malaysia, the organization has locations in the United States, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

PCI reports that “over the last several years the Americas region’s polyester and intermediates markets have undergone significant structural changes including mergers, capacity rationalizations plus slowing growth in some sectors and faster growth in other sectors. Yet, as we look forward to the short-term horizon there are emerging issues which could have an even more dramatic affect on the region’s polyester and intermediates raw material sectors.

“The U.S. is on the verge of a period of cheap energy costs with subsequent impacts on industry feedstock and operating costs. Rising labor cost in low wage countries such as China, plus the economic benefits to source closer to home, is resulting in ‘re-shoring.’ Excessive capital expansions in many regions could lead to changing trade patterns.  Finally, the growing emphasis on sustainability could play an important role in changing industry dynamics.”

Through its 2014 Polyester Industry Conference, PCI will offer attendees a forum for discussing industry developments with its consulting team, guest speakers and colleagues across the Americas.

“The polyester and intermediates markets within the Americas region is fluid and dynamic, affected by regional as well as global events,” said PCI Xylenes & Polyesters Senior Consultant Michael Bermish. “The polyester industry is constantly changing and evolving; and the next few years is no different — with recent developments in the energy sector, new capacity additions throughout the polyester industry and the impact of sustainability issues. Those attending PCI’s 2014 Americas Conference will benefit from in-depth discussions on the macroeconomic environment, oil and natural gas developments, polyester raw materials, PX, PTA and MEG, recycling and sustainability issues as well as the polyester fibers and PET resin markets.”

The conference will kick off on Wednesday, February 26, at 4:00 p.m. with a complimentary, limited-seating Polyester Chain Seminar geared toward attendees wishing to gain a better understanding of the polyester chain and how different products in the chain affect and influence one another. Following the seminar, there will be a cocktail reception and dinner, after which two presentations will be given: “Economies & Polyester Markets: Is There Anything New Under the Sun?” by Michael Bermish; and “Sustainability: What Does It Mean for the Polyester Industry?” by Pieterjan Van Uytvanck, University of Cambridge, England.

Thursday will feature a full day of presentations, including: “Polyester Fibers: A Smooth Ride in 2013,” by Alasdair Carmichael, PCI Fibres; “PET Resin: Outlook for The Americas,” by David Swift, PCI PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling; “PET Recyling,” by David Swift; “PTA: 3-4 Years of Global Over Capacity — The Americas Are not Immune,” by Phil Marshall, PCI Xylenes & Polyesters; “US Oil & Gas Renaissance: A Surplus of Supply,” by Matthew Kuhl and Mark Routt, KBC Advanced Technologies; “MEG: It’s All About Supply, Too Little Then Too Much,” by Doug Rightler, PCI Xylenes & Polyesters; and “Paraxylene 2014/15: Can Anything Halt the Slide?” by Gordon Haire, PCI Xylenes & Polyesters.

A question and answer session covering the future six to 12 months and closing remarks will follow the final presentation.

For more information, contact bhutchins@thepcigroup.com.

February 18, 2014