Outlast Technologies Acknowledges Key Partners In Outlast® Polyester Fiber Development

BOULDER, Colo. — January 17, 2011 — Outlast Technologies, leader in heat management and moisture
reduction technology, recognizes Far Eastern New Century Corporation as the primary partner
involved in the new Outlast® polyester fiber development. Outlast® polyester, Outlast’s most recent
R&D innovation, is the first-ever heat management polyester fiber.

Outlast selected Far Eastern as a key development partner because of its reputation as a
world-class producer of high quality textile products from fiber through to fabric. Far Eastern’s
extensive development capabilities proved invaluable in taking the basic technical concept of
Outlast® polyester through to new fibers, yarns and fabric.

Far Eastern’s chemical fiber division, manufacturer and seller of fiber and textile products,
is developing fibers for both the short staple cotton spinning system and the long staple worsted
wool system. Its spun yarn division developed a range of Outlast® polyester/cotton yarns, and its
fabric division developed the world’s first Outlast® polyester knit fabrics.

Other significant partners include Fountain Set Ltd. and Chia Her Industrial Company Ltd.,
both long standing partners with Outlast® viscose and Outlast® acrylic. Hong Kong-based Fountain
Set Ltd., one of the world’s largest circular knitted fabric manufacturers, offers a range of
Outlast® polyester knitted fabrics; Chia Her Industrial Company Ltd., Taiwan’s leading woven fabric
producer, provides a range of Outlast® polyester woven fabrics.

“This new fiber is the result of global coordination across our operations in North America,
Europe and Asia, unifying Outlast research and development efforts around the world,” says Greg
Roda, President and CEO of Outlast Technologies. “Our partners are a key asset in the advancement
of Outlast® polyester, and, as we continue to commercialize, we will gain insight to ensure a
quality polyester fiber.”

Outlast® polyester features heat management benefits offering a unique fiber that can be
applied to a range of functional apparel and next-to-skin applications. A bi-component fiber with a
phase change material (PCM) core and polyester sheath, Outlast® polyester offers superior comfort
through heat management.

Posted on January 25, 2011

Source: Outlast Technologies Inc.