Martex Partnership Grows Central American Eco-Friendly Initiative

Martex Fiber Southern Corp. — a
Spartanburg-based manufacturer of recycled industrial textile products — has formed a partnership
with Pride-Tex — a Honduras-based subsidiary of Karim’s Group, a full-package apparel manufacturer
also based in Honduras — to collect and market textile waste in Central America. The new
partnership expands Martex Fiber’s Central American textile-waste recycling initiative, established
in 2004 when it partnered with Honduras-based INVEX S. de R.L. to sell textile waste collected in
Honduras and El Salvador.

Martex and Pride-Tex will collect, process and broker waste — such as table cuttings,
seaming waste, wiping rags, and remnant and roll-end fabric — generated through textile and apparel
mill production including T-shirts, underwear and other knitted or woven products.

“This waste could otherwise be designated for landfill or incineration …, which are both
environmentally unfriendly alternatives,” said Jimmy Jarrett, president, Martex. “As the
availability of textile waste dwindles in the United States due to factors such as domestic
production closings and offshore migration, this arrangement with Pride-Tex ensures that we are
able to still salvage valuable waste and recycle it for end-uses that include apparel and bedding
and other textile applications.”

January/February 2007