RadiciFibres Unveils High Crimp Bacteriostatic Yarns

RadiciFibres Fashion&Interiors, a
business unit of Italy-based Radici Group, has introduced two new yarns under its Radilon® brand.

Radilon PA66 FT decitex (dtex) 78F14 offers greater than 50 percent crimp and overcomes the
limitations of traditional polyamide (PA) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) yarns in the market,
according to RadiciFibres. Available in a basic or a dyeing-guaranteed version, the new yarn is
cost-competitive with conventional textured nylon, has very high tensile strength and abrasion
resistance, and can be piece-dyed, the company reports, adding that advantages over PBT include
superior dyeability, abrasion resistance and elastic memory. Target markets include circular knit
medical and technical fabrics, among other applications that require the highest possible

RadiciFibres reports its Radilon Bacteriostatic PA6 air-jet dtex 190F136 yarn offers
permanent bacteriostatic and anti-odor benefits because specific additives are incorporated into
the polymer prior to spinning. The new yarn, which utilizes Sanitized® Silver treatments, is
recommended for fancy yarn, circular knitting, hosiery and narrow fabric applications.

September/October 2006