Kermel To Supply 30 000 Fire-Resistant Uniforms

Kermel, France, will supply 30,000 sets of fire-resistant bunker jackets and over-trousers made
from Kermel HTA fabric to the Italian fire services by the end of the year. The gear was tested
under real-life conditions from 1997 to 1998 by 350 Italian firemen.Kermel HTA fabric is designed
for outer shell use in fire-resistant jackets or splinter-proof vests. It is produced using a core
spinning technique that optimizes the advantages of the two fibers used (64-percent Kermel and
36-percent paramide). Kermel fiber is a polyamid-imide polymer with excellent mechanical strength
along with exceptional heat resistance.The Kermel HTA outer shell fabric combines an impermeable,
breathable membrane, a 100-percent Kermel felt and a Kermel/Viscose FR lining to form an
anti-static, fire-resistant fabric.

November 1999