HealthShield Technologies39 Anti-Microbial Agent Included In Clothing

HealthShield Technologies, Boston, has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with FOSS
Manufacturing Co. The deal will allow Foss to incorporate HealthShield, an advanced silver-based,
anti-microbial agent, into the manufacture of its bi-component (two polymers/additives) and binder
(adhesive) fibers and fabrics.The agreement allows HealthShield and FOSS to address a growing
concern over bacterial contamination.The companys patented delivery system, which provides for
continual slow release of silver, a natural antibacterial compound, ensures the longevity and
integrity of the product, said Roger Freedman, chairman and CEO, HealthShield.The HealthShield
compound can be blended into the manufacturing process of other fabrics, including cotton, wool,
polyester, nylon and acrylic. This will result in a fabric that in-turn will possess antimicrobial

October 1999