DuPont Forms Alliance With Noble Fiber

DuPont Performance Fabrics, Wilmington, Del., and Noble Fiber Technologies, Scranton, Pa., recently
formed a marketing alliance between the two companies that will provide co-branded sales of
anti-microbial moisture management systems in hosiery applications.As a result of the agreement,
DuPont will be the exclusive supplier of polyester for use with Nobles X-Static® in key marketing
segments, including products sold under the CoolMax, CoolMax Alta and ThermaStat® brands.X-Static
was first introduced in 1998. It has a layer of pure metallic silver effectively dyed onto the
surface as a nylon fiber. X-Static can be mixed with any carrier yarns and sustains anti-microbial
and anti-static properties at minimal levels.According to Noble, X-Static retains traditional
textile characteristics and can be used in knits, wovens, nonwovens and blended spun yarns.

October 1999