AlliedSignal Introduces New Fiber For Seatbelt Safety

AlliedSignal Inc., Colonial Heights, Va., recently introduced Securus, a new automotive seatbelt
fiber to help increase occupant safety and lower safety-restraint system costs.Seatbelts made with
Securus are designed to work in conjunction with the airbag in a collision to enhance restraint of
occupants with a broad range of body types, the company says.Seatbelts made with Securus deliver a
three-step restraint reaction during a crash. First, they hold occupants in position at impact.
Then, the fibers relax or stretch as needed to limit the force imposed on the occupant,
complementing the deflating action of the airbag and allowing the occupant’s bodies to
decelerate.Finally, their high strength comes back into play, helping to prevent impact with the
dashboard, steering wheel or windshield.AlliedSignal produces Securus from a new polymer using a
novel fiber-making process. In addition, Securus fiber introduces PELCO, a new category of
synthetic fibers based on a patented polyester-caprolactone block copolymer.
Circle 323.

September 1999