Isolyser Announces New Spunlace Technology

Isolyser Co. Inc. recently unveiled EnviroGuard, the first generation of high-performance
spun-laced fabrics made from the companys patented hot-water soluble PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)
technology.EnviroGuard is the latest component of the companys OREX® Technologies International
Division, which includes several hot-water soluble, PVA-based technologies.EnviroGuard is the first
high-performance product to be developed by Isolyser that features the mechanical hydroentanglement
of hot-water soluble PVA.According to the company. EnviroGuard is also an excellent barrier fabric
option, as it is neither chemically or thermally bonded, thus it remains soft, flexible, and
maintains a comfortable hand for ultimate comfort in surgical scrubs, gowns, drapes and other
protective apparel. Circle 319.

May 1999