Menegatto Introduces Covering Machines


S.r.l., Italy, recently introduced to the international market simplified
covering machines with new covering technology.

The company now offers four models and has revised and updated their designs due to a
significant investment in special equipment, and to personnel with years of experience in this
field. Today, the firm has the ability to offer these machines, at, in Menegatto’s words, “
extremely low prices,” while assuring high product quality and functionality at the same time.


Menegatto’s 2024/200 spindle gauge/2005 for fine and medium yarns

The new machines include:

• model 2024/200 spindle gauge/ 2005 for ribbons;

• model 2024/270 spindle gauge/ 2005 for ribbons;

• model 2024/200 spindle gauge/ 2005 for fine and medium yarns; and

• model 2024/270 spindle gauge/ 2005 for fine and medium yarns.

According to the company, new modifications include an updated electronic drive through the
application of an electronic traverse system, which is managed automatically by a fixed on-board
personal computer with keyboard and display to facilitate perfect take-up. This allows the operator
to control the take-up without making regulations or practical adjustments whenever there is a
change of the type of yarn produced.

In addition, a new electronic device has been installed for smooth start-up of the machine,
and another device protects from periodic loss of power.


Menegatto’s 2024/200 spindle gauge/2005 for ribbons

The company has taken great care to ensure all devices incorporated into the machine offer
the best quality and greatest ease of operation, and are inspected before each shipment.

In these machines, the moving bed has been replaced by fixed beds that run the full length
of the machine on both sides. With this device, machines can be placed more closely together,
allowing space savings and conservation of air conditioning.

In addition, the company reports, the conversion in the new machines from single covering to
double covering is a fast operation, as the superior rails have been prepared to change the side of
the machine without losing production heads.

While running, the yarn follows a path that is always perfectly straight, without angles and
changes of length, and with a guarantee of superior quality, according to Menegatto.

These new machines are equipped with Menegatto spindles. After many years of research,
Menegatto continues to refine the design and has introduced new patented ball bearings that reduce
noise and power consumption.

October 2005