Archroma Adds To Smartrepel® Hydro Range, Tong Siang Using Ultraphor® KCB In CO2 Dyeing Process

Switzerland-based Archroma has added Smartrepel® Hydro AM, a universal water repellent suitable for all fiber types, to its Smartrepel Hydro range of non-perfluorocarbon (PFC)-based products. According to the company, Smartrepel Hydro AM’s advanced formula is based on a microencapsulated, highly-biodegradable technology that imparts breathable, durable and effective protection to outdoor and sportswear products. The product may be applied using both pad and exhaust processes.

“This advanced version of our Smartrepel technology combines, into one product only, two benefits that are sought after by outdoor brands and retailers: a nature-friendlier
chemistry, together with long-lasting, efficient water repellency for all fibers,” said Georg Lang, global head of Product Marketing Finishing, Textile Specialties, Archroma. “Smartrepel Hydro AM brings onto the market a positive alternative to conventional fluorocarbon-based water repellency products.”

In related news, Archroma reports its Ultraphor® KCB optical brightening agent is finding use in a carbon dioxide (CO2) dyeing process used by Tong Siang, Thailand, to produce white, high-performance sportswear. Tong Siang, a member of the Yeh Group, is using The Netherlands-based DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V.’s water- and process chemical-free patented technology in its dye house. Fabrics produced using this CO2 dyeing process are branded DryDye® fabrics by Tong Siang.

“While humans have used water to dye fabrics for more than 2,000 years, today water is an increasingly scarce resource that needs to be conserved,” said Andrew McDonald, global head of Business Development, Synthetic & Wool, Archroma’s Brand & Performance Textile Specialties Business. “DyeCoo’s CO2 dyeing process offers an important step forward, and we at Archroma are pleased to be able to help advance broader use of this eco-friendlier approach.”

January/February 2018