Tanatex Chemicals, Sciessent Announce Strategic Partnership In Odor Control With Lava Technology

EDE, the Netherlands — December 8, 2015 — Tanatex Chemicals and Sciessent today announced their strategic partnership in marketing Sciessent’s odor control technology LAVA in the textile processing industry. It is an integration between Sciessent’s LAVA technology and the market knowledge and access of Tanatex Chemicals. Tanatex will act as exclusive EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) distributor for the LAVA product. This brand partnership will streamline exchanges between technology and market intelligence within the EMEA textiles processing industry.

Sciessent’s LAVA is an essential element to incorporate into products that may harbour or be exposed to odors. Harnessing the power of zeolites – a mineral-based substance born from volcanic ash – Sciessent LAVA can be infused into a wide variety of materials, capturing odors on everything from sweat soaked apparel to pet products, home textiles, and more. It is a natural, non-toxic material that is easy to integrate into a variety of products. It is wash-fast and durable and shows regenerative capabilities with each wash/dry cycle for the life of the product. It is color-stable and effective even when wet. It is also fast acting.

Today’s customers demand technical functionality to the highest level from the products they buy. Sustainability and durability are just as important. Both Sciessent and Tanatex adhere to much stricter regulations for production methods and components in respect of the hazards they present to humans and the environment. To be able to comply with our customers’ growing “green” demands, both brands are committed to push their eco-efforts to the next level. The partnership with Sciessent allows Tanatex to provide their customers with an alternative to classical odor control chemistry. This is another huge step towards a more responsible, sustainable, and greener textile future.

“This is a unique partnership for Tanatex Chemicals as this is the first time we will present an external product to our customers. The Sciessent LAVA product fits in our functional finishing portfolio and matches perfectly into the mineral technologies for which Tanatex is renowned ,” said René Hermse, BU Manager Functional Finishing Tanatex Chemicals.

“Our product is unique, providing textile producers with a differentiating selling point and a reliable odor control solution. Tanatex brings tremendous experience and knowledge within the EMEA textile processing industry. This partnership represents a big step forward for Sciessent as Tanatex will take our product to their extensive portfolio of customers,” said Paul Ford, CEO of Sciessent. “We look forward to a successful partnership in the years to come’.

Posted December 9, 2015

Source: Tanatex