Global Inkjet Systems Upgrades Electronics – Now Supports Latest High Speed Kyocera 600dpi Printheads

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom — December 3, 2013 — Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a leading developer of
software drivers, print quality software and electronics for industrial inkjet printheads, today
announced new Head Interface Boards (HIBs) for the Kyocera 600dpi KJ4A/B printhead range. The new
HIBs replace the previous HIB, which only supported Kyocera’s first generation of 600dpi

There are two versions of the new HIB: one for the Kyocera KJ4A 600dpi UV cure ink
printheads; and one for the Kyocera KJ4B 600dpi aqueous ink printheads.

GIS Head Interface Board/Kyocera Printheads Supported/Ink Type

HIB-KY-KJ4A/KJ4A-TA 20kHz or KJ4A-RH 30kHz/UV Cure

HIB-KY-KJ4B/KJ4B-QA 30kHz or KJ4B-YH 40kHz/Aqueous

The HIBs provide access to all standard printhead settings including temperature control,
greyscale drop size mapping, voltage trimming and waveform upload and read back.

Almost any print resolution is possible, including native 600dpi x 600dpi; asymmetric e.g.
1200dpi x 600dpi; non-standard asymmetric e.g. 480dpi x 600dpi and interlaced e.g. 1400dpi x
1200dpi – using multiple printheads.

The HIBs also drive full rate binary and greyscale data and require a single 24V power supply
to support the full operating voltage range of the printheads. 

“The new higher frequency printheads from Kyocera printheads are very data hungry” commented
Nick Geddes, CEO of GIS. “This is an increasing trend in the market and these new HIBs will be
offered to customers in conjunction with our recently launched USB 3.0 Print Manager Board which
increases data throughput up to 2,700 Mb/s.”

The new Kyocera HIBs are now shipping in volume. GIS is also developing a HIB for the
2-colour Kyocera KJ403T 300dpi aqueous ink printhead – this new HIB will be available early

Posted December 3, 2013

Source: Global Inkjet Systems