Kornit Introduces Kornit Paradigm Add-on Solution

Kornit Digital Ltd. — an Israel-based developer, manufacturer and marketer of digital printing
solutions for the textile and apparel industries — has introduced a digital add-on solution for
screen-printing carousels that enables unlimited color possibilities and photorealistic images.

The Kornit Paradigm, an industrial direct-to-garment printer, carries a digital station that
when fastened to an operational carousel enables screen printers to combine printing techniques to
create multiple printing applications. The printer employs screen techniques such as glitter,
cracking, foil, flock and burn-out; and is able to produce dark garment prints with screen
discharge or white ink under-base, complex four-color processes, spot and metallic combinations,
and pure digital applications for short runs.

The solution is compatible with both manual and automatic screen-printing carousels using
Spectra Polaris print heads that are available with CMYK inks. Kornit Digital reports that use of
the digital add-on station can shorten setup time and screen preparation costs.

“The Kornit Paradigm solution is the outcome of a paradigm shift in the direct-to-garment
printing industry,” said Yuval Neria, corporate marketing director, Kornit Digital. “Printers can
now combine the best of two worlds: analog and digital printing, and it’s the best solution for
garment decorators and screen printers that are looking to adapt to the growing needs of the
fashion industry.”

January/February 2013