Park Valley Dyers Installs Thies Equipment

Park Valley Dyers Ltd., United Kingdom, a joint venture between contract fabrics weaver Camira
Fabrics Ltd. and Holmfirth Dyers Ltd., has installed 10 dyeing machines and a horizontal pressure
dryer manufactured by Germany-based Thies GmbH & Co. KG. Thies also designed the layout and
auxiliary equipment specifications at the plant, a former dyeing facility that has been
recommissioned after serving for some years as a storage facility. The operation is the first
dedicated dyeing plant to be installed in the UK in more than 20 years and represents an investment
of 2 million British pounds, Camira reports.

The machinery at Park Valley Dyers dyes 25 tons of yarn weekly and is operated by six
employees. The plant features an energy-efficient hot water boiler with a recovery unit, and
recycles and reuses all water used. The drying machinery uses hot air instead of radio frequency.
In addition, the plant recycles all yarn delivery pallets and packaging.

Machinery installed includes an eco-bloc quattro lab sampling unit, and seven horizontal and
two vertical eco-bloc yarn-dyeing machines — including two 840-kilogram-capacity units that can be
linked and operated using one control unit. Park Valley also installed a pharmaceutical standard
recipe preparation booth that enables the company to achieve a 98-percent right-first-time rate,
according to Philip Brearley, managing director, Camira Fabrics.

September/October 2012