Kornit® Digital Launches The Kornit Allegro – A Breakthrough In Digital Textile Printing

ROSH-HA’AYIN, Israel — June 1, 2012 — Kornit Digital today announced the launch of the Kornit
Allegro, the industry’s only complete solution for digital pigment printing on textile, which will
expand printing options while decreasing additional time and costs in the printing process.

Kornit Allegro is a one-step production line, enabling the shortest printing cycle from file
preparation to a finished printed fabric. This unique and innovative approach is achieved by
Kornit’s patent pending chemical solution that eliminates the need for any external process steps.
This solution will create a differentiated printing experience, helping to achieve higher quality,
faster results and increased revenue at lower costs.

By using Kornit Digital’s unique pigment ink, textile printing businesses can now print on
any type of fabric using the same Kornit Allegro printer and Kornit ink set and experience results
of vivid colors and superior hand feel.

As a leading international company for digital ink development, Kornit Digital adopts the
most stringent standards for protecting both human health and the environment. By using Kornit’s
100 percent biodegradable ink and eliminating energy and water consumption, the Kornit Allegro is
the most eco-friendly solution in the textile printing industry.

“We are very excited about this new solution,” said Ofer Ben-Zur, Kornit Digital’s chief
executive officer. “Because the Kornit Allegro eliminates the need for special fabric preparation
and post-print wet processes, we truly believe this solution will revolutionize the textile
printing industry.  Kornit also provides the only digital pigment ink in the marketplace. With
our vast experience in creating chemical solutions, we are able to push the industry limitations
and revive pigment inks with our innovative digital solutions portfolio.”

Posted on June 19, 2012

Source: Kornit Digital/PRNewswire